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Our Story is an online enterprise that grew out of the indescribable enjoyment of exploring Africa. RTDC members have traveled to and appreciated many Countries in Africa such as South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Bots, Zambia Mozambique, Morocco, Tanzania and now Rwanda. Clearly there are many more places that might be added to this list. Rwanda holds a special attraction to us for its manageable size with respect to landmass and simplified overlanding logistics. Rwanda has been touted as a “safe and welcoming” destination and this has proven to be true. Many travelers and adventurist have already discovered Rwanda. Some journey to this part of East Africa to trek up the mountains to witness the majestic gorillas and other primates. Other travelers are more fascinated with the people of this East African Nation and their tremendously rich cultures. The team are of the latter group. The gorillas are matchless creatures of nature, but to us the more worthy travel experience in this green, lush and mountainous country is without doubt the people. is an ongoing testament to the refreshing and transformative delights of a more rustic way to travel. We are trekkers, campers, overlanders and sometimes pampered tourists. Wrapping up a blowout week in Rwanda poolside in a nice hotel is clearly not such a bad idea. Our website features an online store with neat stuff and other offerings. The other notable components of the website are the Magazine, Trekking Forum, Mobile Camping tours and in-Country information. We are happy and excited to have you as a visitor and fellow Trekker.

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