Riding the Hills of Rwanda - Motorcycle Adventure

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Written by Joseph d' Arrast -

Rwanda remains a secret paradise for motorcyclists, whether it’s on or off-road. The country boasts incredible trails for riders of all levels.

When it comes to tourism, the Covid crisis has certainly heightened people’s need for “authentic experiences” – granted a very clichéd expression but at least you all understand what I mean. In Rwanda, for those who wants to sample the pleasure of both simple and true getaways, its 1000 hills are a suited destination. After all, they might be Rwanda’s most obvious heritage.

And what better way to explore them than riding an authentic enduro machine, adorned with harmonious red, green and yellow graphics? Today I’m meeting with Flavio Bonaiuti, an Italo-Ethiopian who has been running tours all across East Africa for fifteen years. In 2019, with new associate Christophe Humbert, Africa Riding Adventures Tours opened its Kigali office and it now owns a dozen of motorcycles that lie dormant in a garage of the capital city.

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